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1st Page 2000

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Evrsoft 1st Page 2000 helps
you write, edit and improve
your HTML, its powerful
tools let you author
websites faster, easier and
better. Key features
include: 3 primary
development modes
(easy/expert/hardcore), 450+
Javascripts/VBScripts, DHTML
Zone with re-usable DHTML
scripts, Full support for
SSI, CGI, Perl, Cold Fusion,
ASP, Javascript Rollover
Javascript/VBScript Object
Tree, HTML Source Compressor
- Reduce webpage file size,
Support, 6 Common Javascript
Wizards, Includes over 20+
cgi/perl/htmlscripts from
Matt's Script, Open Document
From the Web, Source Code
Formatter, Complete Web
Building Reference, and more.

Date: Jun, 11 2000
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